The process starts with detailed analysis of length and contents of the documents and involves several stages apart from translation itself. You get documents that feel as composed in the target language by a native speaker with your goals and target audience in mind.

I work on the facts, figures, style and tone, helped by proofreaders and editors, and use quality assurance software to deliver content that works for you.


Localization is a linguistic and cultural adaptation of a software application or a website enabling the users to successfully interact with the product features. It means that they are able to read all the menus and other elements of the interface in their own language and input text using the special characters of their language.

Space constraints of the interface, available input methods, forms of address, variables, placeholders, cultural aspects, user experience and many other factors are taken into consideration.


Choose transcreation when you want your target audience to feel and act the same as the original audience. Instead of focusing just on the source text, transcreation projects involve a brief based on a discussion, research and a draft prepared for you before the final result.


This service can cover a variety of needs including cross-cultural review of content, cultural adaptation, internationalization, checks of brand and product names, creation and implementation of localization workflows, technology or solutions. Let me know more about your company and your needs during a complimentary call.

Text types

  • apps and games
  • blogs
  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • copy
  • e-learning and educational
  • human–machine interfaces
  • operation and maintenance manuals
  • product literature
  • social media content
  • surveys
  • websites

Technical services

  • project management
  • terminology management
  • file conversion
  • reference materials creation
  • vendor selection
  • assessment of test translations
  • terminology and linguistic support
  • linguistic QA
  • localization QA & testing
  • social media support
  • DTP
  • voice-over supervision & support

Key Areas